The Importance of Having a Work-Life Balance


The Importance of Having a Work-Life Balance


Few talk about the importance of finding – and certainly keeping – a work-life balance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your early twenties or a bit far from them, everyone should be advised that having this balance is as important as having a job.


Nowadays, with all the technology and the information coming and going at a speed faster than the speed of light, the ability to achieve a work-life balance has become more and more difficult. In the present, companies expect you to give that “extra mile” and somehow, it is something we all, as employees, have to do in order to stand out and be eligible for any kind of reward whether it’s a promotion or some sort of recognition. However, when did it become acceptable for our 9am to 5pm schedule to become 8am to 7pm? How many of us have allowed this to happen, whether it is through conforming to the workplace culture, or feeling obliged to put in more hours?


This applies to all industries, but we know finding a work-life balance in the BPO industry is challenging, but with the arrival of companies that are defying the status quo of the industry, like TELUS International, offering several shifts options and many amenities – a work-life balance is actually attainable.


We’d like to share with you some reasons why having a work-life balance is as important as having a job in order to spot the right companies who enable this for its employees.


1. You’ll become less susceptible to burnouts: happiness at work


Yes, stress will happen in every job, however; burnouts should not. According to recent studies, burnouts occur “when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands”. When this happens, you become absorbed by your job and the stress of it and this affects directly every area of your life; both personal and social. This is why having a work-life balance is important; you’ll learn how to separate work and home, or work and your personal life. This translates into leaving stress behind – at the office – and not let it follow you outside of office hours. If you are letting this happen, there are different ways of avoiding it; you can talk to your supervisor about it, come up with a plan to avoid burnout (exercise, joining a book club, some guitar lessons; whatever suits you best).

2. Attention is paid


When you’re able to find a balance between your job and your personal life, you’ll acquire greater control of where your focus remains. This will help out to leave your office and put your full attention to your home and your personal relationships. Being able to separate these two things will make you focus solely on the experience you’re having in the present, improving the way you experience life and vice versa; when you’re at the office, you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand, making you a more efficient worker.


This demonstrates the key role that work-life balance plays in both worlds.  


3. Fewer health problems


As we all should know by now, stress is one of the main reasons why our immune system suffers. It should come as no surprise that when we are run down, tired or stressed our immune system starts to fail and this may cause a large variety of symptoms – from the innocent and very common flu to more serious health problems such as digestive or respiratory problems -. Either way, the fact that stress can impact your health so much is even more of a reason as to why maintaining a healthy work life balance is important. Taking the time to look after yourself by exercising, eating well and relaxing can contribute to limiting your health problems and make you a more efficient worker during business hours.


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