Start your own business

Start your own business


Every successful business starts with a lot of passion and a lot of faith; even great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Amancio Ortega, started from the bottom and now they run multi-million dollar businesses all over the world.


If you’re still wondering what your passion is, and what business would you like to own, we suggest you gain experience, connect with people and things will fall into place. If you plan on getting a job first, be sure to look for a job that is going to help you grow personally and professionally. For example, the #FeelGoodCompany offers learning programs for its employees, this program helps them develop their skills through leadership courses, workshops and online courses. Once you have experience and a clear idea of a business it’s much simpler to start planning and creating your brand.  

Here are five easy tips to start your own business


Research your market


Finding who your competition is not enough. Go the extra mile and research about the market you want to get in. Visit your competitors, ask your target audience what they think about your competition and what would they change to make them better.


If you realize that the market you want to get in has a lot of competitors, don’t get frustrated. Take advantage of it and offer something different, and better.


Set a real financial goal


Set a goal that’s doable, and set new goals every six months. By doing this, it will be easier for you to achieve them and they won’t seem so far away. If you set a tangible goal you won’t get frustrated in the process of getting it, and if you exceed that goal, it will help you to stay motivated and confident.


Once you accomplish a goal, take the time to analyze what you did to accomplish it, and make a list so you can go through it to accomplish your next goal.


Create online and shareable content


Find out what your target likes and create content they will want to share, this will direct more people to your website or social media.


Make sure that your content is easy to read, concise and use images or videos to make it more visual.


Get subscribers


As you create shareable content on your website and social media, you should take advantage of all the people who is interested and create your own subscribers, try to reach people that visit your site and people that share your content. Once you get a big group of subscribers and people interested on what you have to sell, continue to provide them with valuable information about your brand, product or service, this will translate into future buyers and loyal customers.


Having subscribers to your website or social media is a big step to having loyal customers, be sure to keep them engaged with your brand. Share secret info with them, send them special offers or coupons and send them offers they can share with their friends to get new subscribers and future customers.


Launch something you can sell


Offer a product or service that will fulfill the needs of your target market, make sure it’s different from the competitions’. If your target has a problem or an issue, try to solve it with your product. Create the need to buy your services.


This is one of the toughest parts but once you figure it out, everything will run smoothly.


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