We give where we live

At TELUS International, we understand the relationship between the success of our company and the well-being of the communities where we live, work and serve. We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. And when given the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities, our proud team members reward us with their ongoing commitment and loyalty. Therefore our philosophy, “We give where we live,” is an essential part of our caring culture.  

TELUS Days of Giving

In addition to our weekly (even daily) charitable activities, once a year we focus our efforts on our TELUS Days of Giving. Thousands of our team members put aside their daily activities to join a common cause in 11 international locations. Since our first TELUS Days of Giving in Central America in 2009, our team members have built 54 classrooms in Guatemala and in El Salvador they have refurbished 4 schools and built 88 homes for underprivileged families. On November 2015 our team in Guatemala joined efforts to build a public school in the third district of Guatemala City, alongside the non-profit Camino Seguro, while our team in El Salvador built 20 homes for underprivileged families in Santa Tecla, alongside TECHO El Salvador. See photos from or TELUS Days of Giving in the gallery below:

TELUS International Community Boards

We believe in taking corporate social responsibility further. Our TELUS Community Boards are an innovative and groundbreaking effort that puts decision-making in the hands of local leaders who know their communities best. Since 2012, the Community Boards in Central America have contributed every year with a $100,000 donation budget to grassroots charitable organizations that work along the lines of education and sports, arts and culture and health and wellbeing. 

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It’s in our nature to care

Beyond single-day activities, we are dedicated to creating ongoing, lasting partnerships with both our corporate social responsibility partners and clients. Here are some of our most cherished initiatives:

HOPE (Helping Our People through Education)

HOPE (Helping Our People through Education)

HOPE is an 8 to 10-month long life-changing program for students in Central America that teaches them English and job skills while they receive an allowance from TELUS International. At the end of the program, students are given fulfilling roles in the company, enabling them to support themselves and their families. Learn more by watching the video.

After school programs

After school programs

For years, in El Salvador, TELUS volunteers have been actively involved in improving the education of young children. The GIVE program runs in partnership with Glasswing International in three public schools sponsored by TELUS International. Once per week, TELUS volunteers lead after school programs, sharing their skills in arts, sports and academics.