A global player in the BPO industry

From its inception, TELUS International has strived to be the leading brand ambassador of customer experience innovation, redefining the global outsourcing industry through our spirited teamwork and caring culture.

TELUS started creating a new kind of BPO when it selected the Philippines as a customer care outsourcing destination. Manila-based Ambergris Solutions was selected as a partner to support TELUS in 2005 and was re-branded to TELUS International Philippines in 2007.

With the growing demand from U.S.-based companies for Spanish-language support, TELUS reviewed hundreds of potential Central American call center providers. Once again, the company began its search to find a partner that could best reflect its culture of putting customers first, giving back to the community, investing in team member development and valuing high employee engagement.

Eventually, TELUS selected Transactel, a nearshore BPO provider with a stellar reputation as an employer of choice in both Guatemala and El Salvador. Transactel was rebranded as TELUS International Central America in May, 2014.

Along the way, TELUS International invested in 2008 in a United States-based facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, and acquired in 2012 a European company named CallPoint, with locations in Bulgaria and Romania, which was rebranded in early 2014 as TELUS International Europe.

We’ve grown into a global player in the BPO industry because of our commitment to doing things differently. As we look to the future, we’re focused on continued growth, bringing our compelling contact center, BPO, ITO and advisory services to companies with strong corporate cultures and complementary values.

About TELUS International Central America

Transactel was founded in Guatemala City in 1995 as a mortgage and commercial portfolio management company. It paved its way as a leader in the contact center industry in Central America when it took the first international call in Guatemala in 2004. Since then, Transactel proved its ability to adapt to changes and cover the demands of such a dynamic industry.

This growth was accompanied by new customers who entrusted their customer care, sales and technical support to us. The company continued to expand with the beginning of its operations in El Salvador in 2006 and later in 2008 in Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala.

The expansion in the region demanded new facilities to house the constantly growing workforce. A great example is the company’s operation in El Salvador, where it started with 32 people and four years later it was hitting the 1,000 team members milestone – 31 times its original size.

In 2011, Transactel became Transactel powered by TELUS and began a process of global alignment of its operations and culture. In 2014, Transactel was rebranded as TELUS International Central America. We are now the largest BPO provider in the region and a community of almost 7,000 team members in two countries, three cities and four different delivery sites.

Thanks to the dedication, commitment and trust of each one of our team members, we will continue to grow while delivering our value proposition of putting customers first.