How to get it together and start living on your own

How to get it together and start living on your own


Yes, we have all heard of the benefits of living on your own and how nice it feels to finally have your own place; your rules, etc. But even though we have all heard this before, why is it so hard for us to take this step and move out of our parent’s house once and for all?


 Luckily for you, we got you covered! With this article, you’ll be able not only to understand the freedom you’ll gain but also  the importance of being the responsible young adult we’re all meant to be – that is, of course, if you want to survive in this  world as an independent grown up -.


First of all, you have to be able to suimagepport yourself before moving out of your parents’ house, that translates into having a  stable job. Make sure you choose wisely because, in the future, this job will be the source of income that will help you pay  your bills on time – and any other treat you may want to give yourself…and yes, that includes your large order of fries.




It really is important for you to choose a job you like, preferably, a job that will help you grow and develop different skills so you can achieve bigger goals in the future. Innovative companies are implementing career plans for each employee as this assures quality and efficiency when it comes to production processes. Also, companies are now giving their employees different perks like getting discounts at educational institutions. For example, TELUS International offers several educational benefits (tuition discounts, college courses delivered at its facilities, etc.) to its employees besides the fact that this BPO delivers several training programs, summits and conferences in order to develop different skills, a win-win situation for everyone involved; employees get trained and specialized in certain fields and the employer ensures quality and personal/professional growth for its employees.


Putting aside the obvious needs in order to “make it” as a grown up, here’s a list of things you have to be aware of so you can succeed at living by yourself:


  1. When grocery shopping make sure you’re buying what you need and not what you want. Let’s elaborate on that; yes, we all need to eat but, do you really need that “every once in awhile” snack at the gas station? Or do you really need that particular brand of toilet paper? Ask yourself these type of questions when it comes to spending money. Also, do not go grocery shopping if you’re hungry – trust us, been there, eaten that -.
  2. Laundry junk: Dryer sheets? Toss ’em. Fabric softener? Throw it out. You need neither; in fact, you might not even need that toxic goop you put in your washing machine either. Plenty of cheap and easy homemade laundry detergent can be found online. So, no excuses. Sorry.
  3. Coffee drinks in general: Yes, we are going there. Instead of buying that particular caramel macchiato-nonfat-blessed by the gods-overpriced coffee, get yourself a decent coffee maker and make the coffee yourself. This will help you save big bucks over time. Do the math.
  4. Home Supplies: Don’t go crazy shopping everything you find to equip your new home. Buy the basics you’ll need to survive; plates, one pan, one cooking pot, a couple of glasses, a spatula -to remove those scrambled eggs you’ll be cooking- and a set of cups. Once you’re settled, you’ll be able to be financially savvy and equip your house. So don’t worry if you don’t have a slow-cook cooking pot. Chill.
  5. Be punctual with your bills: Once you’re living by yourself, it’s really easy to lose track of deadlines and cutoff dates for every service you acquire (electricity, phone, water, etc.). If you’re an organized person, that shouldn’t be a problem for you, however, if you aren’t a punctual person, it’s best if you get used to the idea of having a calendar to schedule your payments. That way, you’ll avoid situations that involve lighting candles all over your house or communicating with others using smoke signals -do people still do that?-.


Anyway, there are countless suggestions you could get in order to make it when taking the big step. Then again, this is just a list of basic things you need to consider before packing up and waving goodbye to your parents.


Of course, there will always be ups and downs, however, running a household by yourself is one of the things that will make you more mature, savvy and more independent than ever.


Don’t freak out. Take it one step at a time.


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