Take a look at the first Connections activity of 2017

Take a look at the first Connections activity of 2017


Have you ever heard people saying that women are less likely to study a medicine, engineering or lawyer careers? Have you ever asked yourself why? The answer to that question is not that women are not capable, on the contrary, women are empowered with many capacities and skills.

What’s going on then?IMG_0476

Well, we have been living in a male-dominated society, where women don’t have the same opportunities. Through time, women have been experiencing different challenges and difficulties when obtaining a college degree or even a leadership position at work. The reason? “We have been living under a wrong conception of our past”.

Through time, women have been finding ways to change those conceptions. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but no one ever said it was going to be impossible either. The good news is that those misconceptions have been changing. According to the Compendium of Education of the National Institute of Statistics of Guatemala, in 2015, the number of people that were enrolled in higher education, was 366,674 people. In that year, 42% of the registered people were women. In 2016, from the 153,249  people enrolled, 53.6% were women. Women have started to have a chance at higher education, isn’t that great?

Fortunately, today the leading companies in their industries, such as TELUS International, have decided to break the status quo and be part of the positive change. At TELUS International, we believe in equal opportunities for members of our community and our countries, that is why, as part of our change initiatives, we have created different groups whose purpose is to empower and develop the members of our community, such as the team Connections. This team is formed by a group of female leaders from our organization that supports and inspires TELUS International women to pursue career excellence through networking, personal, and professional growth.

In order to help all those women who want grow  and keep on learning, last February 9th, TELUS International Guatemala, hosted a lecture series with Michelle Braden, Global Learning Excellence Vice-President at TELUS International, where she focused on highlighting some important points about the gender difference in society and also, in social, personal, and professional areas.

She reminded our team members, that as women, they can pursue any college degree and that they must do so with confidence. Michelle, also shared with our team members how gender misconceptions have influenced professional and personal decisions that affect women’s lives, and even how they feel about themselves as women. As a result, they learned to recognize their skills, how to achieve their personal and professional goals, and also to overcome gender imposed barriers. Over 67 members were part of this lecture series. All of the participants, both, female and male, had the opportunity to share their opinion, ask questions, and share thoughts with all the participants in a  networking coffee break.


It was such an adventure of learning, and if I were to ask every woman that was part of the lecture series about what they learned, they will probably say that the sky is not the limit when there are steps on the moon.

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