4 Things that will make your résumé stand out

4 Things that will make your résumé stand out


Sometimes the only thing stopping you from getting a job interview is written right in your résumé

When the time comes to look for a new job, one usually starts editing and updating one’s résumé, taking advice on what to include, what to remove and what verbs to use. Usually, after all this editing, reviewing, removing, shortening and changing verbs, your résumé looks like everyone else’s.

So here’s a list of 4 things you can do/stop doing to make your résumé stand out from the crowd.

Businessman Reading Resume1. About the “Experience” section.

Instead of heading your experience as “Work Experience”, consider customize it to “Communication Experience” or “Project Management Experience” – whatever is most suitable for your skills and the job position you’re applying to.

2. Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities.

Even though it is important for you to describe what your responsibilities were on your previous job, it is more powerful to point out the projects you’ve completed or the results you’ve contributed to. Using great actions verbs such as developed, designed, coordinated, implemented, pioneered or decreased (if you saved the company time or money) can help you highlight the impact of the projects you worked on.

3. Stop using those cliché buzzwords.

“Out of the box”, “great personality”, “work well under pressure” might seem the right message to use during an interview but the truth is, most recruiters tend to overlook at these overused buzzwords. Use stories to demonstrate how your skills have lead you to accomplish goals. Humans connect better with stories rather than overused positive keywords.

4. You don’t want to sound like you have no life outside of work.

How can you demonstrate you have other attributes -besides the attributes you’re required to have- that will add value to the job position you’re applying for? Adding sections such as “Hobbies & Interests” or “Community Involvement” might do some help. Just make sure that anything you include is actually relevant to the job you’re applying for -make sure it is also true.

These tips will help you show off who you really are as a person. Be careful not to take out what makes you special, that might be the extra ingredient that gets you in!


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