3 Essential Gen Y time management tips

3 Essential Gen Y time management tips



Feeling like you’re running out of time? Learn how to manage it as a Millennial

Time managementAs a member of Gen Y, you have some advantages when it comes to time management, such as quickly understanding new technology and thriving in quickly changing work environments. But sometimes your natural strengths can keep you from having the best time investment.

Many Gen Y can benefit from these three tips:

1. Set the pace, instead of letting technology set it for you.

It’s essential that you set the pace of your workday so you can get important -not just urgent- items done. For example, block out “communication free” times when you want to focus on a big project. This could include turning off your phone, going to a location without Wi-Fi access or limiting the amount of time you spend on social media .

2. Decide whether flexible really is best for you.

Given the connectedness in our world, it’s tempting to think that flexible hours and work locations will give you the optimal level of productivity. To find out what’s best for you, pay attention to the type of activities you need to get done and the time that best suits them. For example, you may find that doing day-to-day items is best during the morning but writing a report or working on a complex problem is best after a short break in the afternoon.

3. Respect other generations’ relationships with time.

Be observant of the expectations around deadlines. Get clear on the expectations and try to work within them.
Respect the pace of decision-making and action. Sometimes, it’s tempting to get impatient when you feel like everything is moving slowly and you don’t understand why you need to do more research before moving forward. Instead of feeling frustrated and perceiving other generations’ requests as attempts to thwart your plans, respect the fact that they have more experience than you do that may make them aware of potential issues you’ve never faced.

By following these three time investment tips, you can thrive in your work environment as a member of Gen Y.



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