Customer care

Customer care

Customer support is about making connections with your customers. We focus on exceptional customer interactions that drive loyalty.

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support requirements can be extensive but the end goals are always the same – efficient, responsive, knowledgeable tech support at all times.



Backed by our Six Sigma philosophy, our sales support services focus on growing your customer base and driving revenue.

Back-office administration

Back-office administration

Our non-voice services are designed to help clients streamline their customer management needs.

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Requirements to apply



Specify your personal information, work experience, English-language proficiency levels and references.

Phone, water or electricity bill

Phone, water or electricity bill

Make sure your current address is listed in the document.
* Applicable only for Guatemala.

Copy of your DPI  (GT) or DUI (SV)

Copy of your DPI (GT) or DUI (SV)

Check if both sides are legible and the picture is visible.

Visit us

Visit us

Monday through Friday. No appointment needed!

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We keep growing

After 22 years, we’re still leading the BPO industry in Central America. That’s why TELUS International Central America keeps growing in terms of people, promotions and perks.

Team members
Internal promotions on 2015
Different perks

Our values

Our Heroes' testimonials

"I have worked at TELUS International for almost 5 years. I've been promoted three times and I am now part of the company's global leadership team. There's no better place to work than TELUS International!"

Armando Ruiz Guatemala

"Best place to work in Guatemala. Amazing opportunities for growth in a truly great environment."

Inga Ness Guatemala

"It has been an amazing ride."

Malena De Leon Guatemala

"TELUS International is an amazing place to work."

Jorge Cerritos El Salvador

"It's not a job... it's a family. Simple as that."

Alex Hernández El Salvador

"TELUS feels like home."

Ángela Hernández El Salvador
TELUS Pradera
18 calle 25-86 Zona 10
Guatemala City
Tel. (502) 2223-0250

TELUS Pradera Xela
Avenida Las Américas 7-62 Zona 3 Quetzaltenango, Oficina 306
Tel. (502) 2419-0818

El Salvador
TELUS Plaza Merliot
Calle Chiltiupán y 17 Avenida Norte, CC. Plaza Merliot Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Tel. (503) 2523-8300

About us

With almost 7,000 team members across multiple sites throughout Central America, TELUS International is the largest Central American BPO provider.

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